Posted by: Monkey | March 14, 2013

Sexual Beings

I wrote the following poem while reflecting on the pressures involved in sex to achieve something… usually orgasm… and how at times that desire, even when it comes from a place of truly wanting to give pleasure to the person that I am with, can dampen the intimacy and enjoyment of the moment.


When I release the expectation
Of doing something for your pleasure
Then I am free to be pleasure itself.

What crushing need for penetration
And the sorry retraction of ejaculation
My emancipation
Is to turn those energies within.

Oh and then I am free to feel
The pulsing golden glow of my cock
Beating in tune with my healing heart.

The caress of the fan across my armpit
Or your lips (either pair) wrapped around my throbbing shaft
All a delight to be savoured.

Existing in a state of turn-on
Energies channeled into
Our ever-deepening union
As sexual beings.




  1. Damien I love this poem! Your article 5 ways to make a man feel really loved touched me so deeply I cried. Thank you.

  2. Thank you!

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