Posted by: Monkey | July 1, 2013

Experiences of Shadow

I awaken
Shaking off the last oily drops
that cling persistently
and now sliding away,
light blooms once more.

The fog of mind
Shrouding perception
As shadows are embraced subjectively
Perhaps reactively
In excavation of the soul.

Caves of limited perspectives
Scripts shouting defiantly
In perpetuating sabotage
Of that which is true
And beautiful
And right.

Oh where did I fall
And leave pieces behind,
Tattered remnants ripped upon
The jagged rocks
That is life.

To go back to those places
And find the mad me
Running riot
Cursing and shunning
With maniacal glee.

Day and night
Light and dark
Love and shadow.

Please forgive me when I stumble.


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