Posted by: Monkey | August 19, 2013

The Energy of an Insight

I have been intensely investigating my own psyche for a long time now. It is a fascinating thing to observe how my mind dictates the way I relate to the world and the world appears to me. How many layers there are to it and how it is possible to gain perspectives into other ways of being and actually shift myself to align with that.
I am certain, without a doubt, that we are entirely malleable beings. Whilst there is a part of us that does not change, there is much that does and can grow and develop. Or perhaps another way of looking at it is in peeling away the layers that restrict me from showing up as my fullest expression of self. I dunno. Either way I pay close attention to myself and my limitations and from time to time an insight arises. I love the word “insight”, it reveals so much about the meaning of it. In-sight, to see inwards.

Often the insights that arise for me seem something that could be applicable to many and it has been my pattern in the past to immediately rush to those closest to me and share whatever it is that I have discovered. What I have noticed through doing this, repeatedly, is that my insight seems to lose all its charge for me. If my friend is receptive I have found that they are able to take that new arising and apply it to their own lives, sometimes with great success. Whereas on my side I discover that it has gone and I am left with a distinct feeling that I just gave away my own gift. This is a challenge because I definitely wish to give to the world, yet without integrating it first it seems to be at my own expense.

This observation has led me to believe that insights have an energy to them, and that this energy can be lost in such a way that the insight itself seems to hold no more power.
When I instead practice containment, which for me has been a difficult practice to learn, and I hold that insight to myself for a time. I allow its excitement and charge to absorb and integrate into myself then it becomes a part of me. I move from having an insight to embodying that insight so that it becomes a part of my being. From that place I have the freedom to share with anybody as well as providing a living example of the particular quality I discovered.

Containment is a wonderful skill to cultivate. It involves simply keeping things to ourselves for a time. When the universe speaks to us in that deliciously special way, rather than rushing out and telling everyone about it, to instead acknowledge the infinite presence and thank it from our hearts keeping it within to assimilate into our beingness. This may take the form of an insight, or perhaps one of those extraordinary sequences of events that let us know there is some type of force or intelligence to the universe and the way it relates to us. I think when we quietly smile in acknowledgement we are telling the universe that we won’t kiss and tell and that it is always welcome to come and play in our lives.

Conscious arising


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