Posted by: Monkey | September 10, 2013

Unity Crisis – Chapter 1


Below is the first installment of my very first attempts at writing a science-fiction novel, available as pdf, mobi (kindle format) and epub to download and read at your leisure.

I have decided to publish this chapter by chapter for several reasons.

Firstly is that I’m writing this to be read and I’m impatient for it to be so, I’ll be up front about that. I want you to read it.

To add to that is the opportunity to gain immediate feedback on your experiences of reading this so that I may adjust and improve my writing while I am doing it rather than having to finish the whole thing first and get slammed.

This leads to the next possibility that I am quite excited about which is the potential for a co-creative experience! I am inviting you, the reader, to get involved if you want to! I will welcome any and all feedback and criticism, in addition to this I encourage you to share what do you like about it, what do you want to read more of, what kind of new characters would you like to see, do you want a cameo and if so why and in what way, what needs further explanation, what do you want to see happen, etc.
I cannot guarantee that every suggestion will be included yet I will be allowing myself to be malleable enough to be transformed by your commentary. Please be welcomed in contributing! And anyone who would like to add some artwork that would also be absolutely welcomed!
You may do so in the comments section, on facebook or by emailing me

Before you download and read I have to state that this book contains graphically described sex scenes, and likely in future installments violence, adult themes and coarse language will arise. If sex makes you uncomfortable then I suggest not reading this.

For everyone else… I am writing the kind of book I want to read and I have noticed that I seem to get a little disappointed when reading fantasy or sci-fi novels and the sex scenes are implied yet never fully fleshed out. This is the same in movies, like in  a Bond movie we will see the beginnings of the scene with some kissing and probably the removal of a few layers of clothes then flash to them lying in bed after. Or in some of the more risque movies and particularly TV shows (like Game of Thrones, Californication and True Blood) a lot more is given. I think we, as adult readers, are mature enough to take it even a little bit further and enjoy the sensuousness that is a part of our very human nature. The cool thing about writing is that nothing has to be faked and there are no actors to say they will or wont do a certain scene… it’s all up to our imaginations!

Sex is a fascinating subject and is going to have a different set of meanings given to it depending on the worldview of the individual or culture discussing it. At some point in this novel I may play with the exploration of what this might look like for people at different altitudes on the unfolding spiral of consciousness.

Ramblings aside and without anymore ado, here is chapter 1 of Unity Crisis, entitled “Vacation’s Over”.

PDF: Unity Crisis – Ch1 Vacation’s Over

Epub: Unity Crisis – Ch1 Vacation’s Over

Mobi: Unity Crisis – Ch1 Vacation’s Over


And I look forward to hearing what you think 🙂


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