Posted by: Monkey | October 17, 2013



2013-10-03 13.11.06

After a lifetime in the dark something pulls me
An urge moves me upwards and I struggle
To burst forth into the light I have never seen
Yet always knew existed.

 I seek high vantage aware that something is changing
Deep within.
My first steps are flimsy, awkward
Encased in a shell that protected me for so long
And has now reached its limits
As my new self strains underneath
Waiting to burst forth.

 I climb and climb
Each step a painful victory
Until I reach the spot.
“This is it!” I cry and laugh
Exulting to the universe for giving me this chance
To live out my purpose.

 My case cracks
And I am birthed again
In a new form I pause
In this most sacred of moments
Where everything can be lost.

 My wings unfurl
I breathe.

 Letting go

 I fly.



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