Posted by: Monkey | October 22, 2013

Unity Crisis – Chapter 2: The Scene of a Crime


So it’s been a while since the first chapter. Writing a novel is way harder than I anticipated… I got stuck for a bit and at the same time deciding to publish chapter by chapter leaves no leniency in going back and changing details (because you have already read it!)

That being said I’m happy with where this is going even if it isn’t quite matching the image in my mind, it’s getting there.

The next chapter fleshes out the context for the story by introducing the reason for Demarcus’ call off his paradise island.

PDF:   Unity Crisis 2 – The Scene of a Crime

Epub: Unity Crisis 2 – The Scene of a Crime

Mobi: Unity Crisis 2 – The Scene of a Crime

After you have read, consider the following questions in where you would like the story to go next, I am opening myself as I stated before to the possibilities of co-creation.

1) Who do you feel you want to read more of? Stridor, Demarcus, Luisa, Roevinger, a ‘bad guy’ perspective? Someone new? (what would they look like if you could build a character?) Or even see Kalindra reappear?

2) Is there a need to know more about the technology of the world and how it functions?

3) The final scene introduced a shadowy character with some interesting attributes. Would you like to see more in the way of ‘superhuman’ attributes appearing in the book? Internally/Spiritually driven or technologically driven?

4) More action? What do you want next… a fight scene or a chase scene? Or more suspense and detail building?

5) More sex? Do you want to read Stridor and Roevinger get it on? Keep building tension? Demarcus get some more action? Or even Luisa?

Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments, facebook me or email

Enjoy! 🙂


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