Posted by: Monkey | December 16, 2013

The Promise

I wrote the following poem when I felt moved by the painting of a local artist Anna Kling. I really like her work and the ability to simultaneously capture sensual, sexual, spiritual and natural worlds all in one.

Her painting is called “The Promise” and my poem is the same. Included below is a recording I made of myself speaking the poem which I originally sent to her. From this we discussed collaborating together to create a series combining my poetry and her paintings. Unfortunately due to time and circumstance the project never materialised, although I did write a few more poems for her paintings which I may also post at a later day.

Thanks for reading!


The Promise


Naked we stand

Minds unfurling
traveling upwards along the tall tree towering…

Its branches reach out tips touching the endless expanse of space
filled with stars sparkling and shimmering, swirling in ceaseless movements of aliveness.

We play.
Dancing and diving, ducking and weaving
in the infinite cosmos
our feet firmly planted
here, now
on our mother

The moon peeks out behind the thick trunk and
I take your hand.

Warmth instantly sparks, tingling along my arm
to pulse in a heart beating with gratitude
to be here
with you.

For as long as it serves us
serves life
serves love

I promise.



  1. wow! very nice… loved your article on Elephant Journal… found my way here, and this poem is WONDERFUL! totally feel the energy you tapped into… it’s very real! … good to meet you ~ Thank you.

  2. Thank you Sharon, I appreciate your comment and am grateful it touched you in some way 🙂

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