Posted by: Monkey | June 10, 2014

This Moment

I am about to write about something entirely not new. So many spiritual teachings point to the “now” as it, whatever it is.


I just returned to my humble mountain sanctuary in Australia after several turbulent and expansive months abroad.

The most striking thing on returning is how easily and fluidly I dropped into the way I am here, as if I never left.

There is nothing outwardly unusual about this, I imagine it’s a pretty common occurrence for travellers to return and re-enter their lives in a normal way. Having travelled a lot, this time was slightly different in the ease in which I returned and the pangs I thought might occur were not present… however this is not the point I am coming to.

What struck me the most was how seamlessly that entire experience, 5 months of being in another country, became a memory. In a single moment it became nothing more than some faint recollection of what happened and the only residue was the impact on how my subjective experience is in the world in this moment. I’ve noticed in myself that I spend less and less time in past or future as such this abrupt transition, that is easily overlooked in the seeming continuance of a day-to-day experience lived out in a somewhat familiar routine, hit me.

This moment is it.

Literally every single experience I have instantly becomes the past the moment I have it.

I think it’s easy to not really see and feel this as, like I said above, often our lives have a familiar flow to them that allows us to merge with some kind of continuance of our experience. It seems as if life is happening one moment after the other in a seamless unfolding.

But what if it’s not quite like that?

What if, like a movie, it’s actually a series of frames each frame being completely individual and isolated from the others. Yet when put into smooth motion these frames blend together to create an animated and linear progression that looks as if there is no break whatsoever.

Regardless of the actual mechanism what I find myself left with is that this moment, the very one happening right now, is the only moment I have. I may be able to fool myself by the smooth routines of my daily life or by the continued identification with who I think I am yet if I slow down enough to catch it there is only this. And so what point for drama? What point for yearning for some experience not yet arrived or regret about some experience now past?

If I can step into this moment, to the best I am capable, what happens? I can feel and experience and be with the textures of life. There is so much happening both inside and outside right now. I can have longing for something not here, yet what point to fixate on it as a discomfort… rather to experience the longing here in this moment, and it becomes pleasurable. It is what is alive right now.

And so the only thing to do really is to live into this moment in the best way I can and in a way that aligns with my highest values in constant and forever deepening for this moment. And this moment. And this one. And this one too.


There hope I blew your minds with some wholly original content.

Much love!


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