I am a human being. Being the best that I can with what I have right now. Forever growing, forever evolving in this endless journey.

This blog is for myself… writings, insights, teachings given to me as I continuously walk this path one foot in front of the other.

I hope that you, whoever you are, find something of worth by visiting and some of my lessons may serve as ones for you too. That perhaps you may avoid some of the mistakes I have or grow in your own journeys through something I may write.

I aspire to live with an open heart, even if it hurts. To hold to, discover and evolve my own truths as they arise.

Joy, love, peace, freedom are our birthrights.

If you need to you may contact me at:

Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. wow! you are brave…I couldn’t handle that much alone time…I enjoy and must have alone time, but I’m a highly social intravert……I was told that. My best to you. Gerry

  2. Hey! I came across your blog from this article you wrote – 5 ways to make a man happy. Its really so beautifully written! You seem to be an interesting and amazing person!

  3. Thank you it’s so nice to read these 🙂

  4. Thank you for the inspiration! … To write, to share, to connect, to feel and to know that we are not alone in our spiritual plights and yearnings, that our journey is shared … and for the living message that men are deeply felt spiritual beings too. All we need is love.

  5. Diane… beautiful, thank you!

  6. Hello damien,

    I did read your article about the 5 ways…and wiuld like to use it for a new magazine that we are editing in montreal, canada.

    Please visit http://www.transparencemagazine.com for more info and to reach me so we can talk more about it



  7. Damien,
    Read your article on platonic touching in the good men project. I would like to recommend How We Love by Milan & Kay Yerkovich. There are times when we pull back from intimacy. There book an give insight as to why you might have found that necessary. They also have the idea of a comfort circle which seems to go along with what you were seeking to achieve. The comfort circle can probably take you to the next level of where you were probably trying to go. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  8. Damien,
    Read the article you wrote “5 Ways to Make a Man Feel Loved” on the elephant journal site. Really enjoyed it, and read it to my husband! Followed the link to your blog and couldn’t help but smile! Monkey…that is my husbands nickname! Look forward to reading much of your wonderful work!

  9. hey! Found you on elephant journal…looking forward to exploring ❤ Hope you are enjoying your adventures

  10. I just found a gem, but im too afraid to read everything that you wrote. It feels like it will engulf me into a frenzy of emotions and thoughts that i tried hard to ignore.
    But im such a sucker for beautifully written literature, so I guess I would suffocate myself with your words.

    Thank you.

  11. Ice… thank you, I feel touched by your words 🙂

  12. and your words touched my soul…


  13. Thanks for your insightful writings. I can identify and am touched. I love this…”and yet my disposition has been to dwell into the realm of feelings. To dive deep, like a cave diver, without much certainty of what I might find. All I have is an insatiable compulsion to feel fully whatever it is my experience, often past the point of what I might call healthy. Sometimes there are nuggets of gold in the depths, insights that bubble up when I truly embrace not-knowing and often found in the darkest of places. I am fascinated by the potential of growth and evolution that we human beings seem to have. That somehow by opening myself, by allowing the very stuff of who I think I am to be malleable, that there is a real and genuine capacity to change. This is truly amazing.”

  14. Hey Damien, I too found you through EJ and felt the urge to get in touch. I’m doing something similar with my blog and your musings resonated with me. If you’re interested check my site out and maybe we can connect? I’m on the road right now, but I call Melbourne home.. http://www.gabriellefeather.com

  15. Simply-thank you! 😉

  16. yes! yet another simple thank you for the openness and for having found a (one?) way of sharing your inner light ❤

  17. Hey Damien! So glad I’ve come across your site! I love your writing. Just wanted to know if you were on fb at all? Would love to stay updated and connect over there if you are! Looking forward to reading more!

  18. Hey Ella, yeah I am on Facebook.
    Dynamo Monk Ey is my name on there.
    Thanks for enjoying my writing!

  19. Damien, I read your article about what you find sexy in a woman. I love your writing style and your rich layers. Your depth and deep spirituality come through, and THAT is sexy! Subsequently read some of your blog, and I so relate with how you feel about spiritual blossoming, and the potential being endless. You appear to be in your late twenties, but you are clearly an old, well developed soul. Write on! Thank you for sharing. I was inspired enough to comment. Lovexo~ Anne

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